The MDF, being not only a much more superior wooden material than other artificial timbers in furniture-making, but also its acceptance as a timber variety having more advantages than the massive timbers. Since the first time its utilization in Turkey, it has been processed and utilized in the same manner witk massive one but esier way; it gives same ans good results on machiney processes such as threads, channels, tongues and grooves. In addition it is such a material without cracks, knots, slivers with smooth surface and constant dimention. More important is its preferance mostly instead of massive material due to its cheapness.
Being easiness in its utilization on machinery; its perfect stability; almost non-movement of its sizes; provision in standard sizes; having both surface emerized and gauged; non-visible of any defaults such as knots, cracks and slivers; constant density in its each point and varnish etc.; capability of being coated by timber caotings, the PVC papers or melamines; its superior adhesion of screws (for this result, screws should have parallel teeth and screw holes should be opened before) to be driven either from its both surface or sides, are the utilization features summarized for the MDF.