The MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a wooden basis material produced as boards by means of pressing the wooden fibers together with synthetic resin being hardened in hot condition.
Equal distribution and extensive existance of fibers within each point of the MDF provides a possibility to its both surfaces as well as its sides of the board the processed by the machine without any braking or creation of any cavity among thematerial particles. In this manner, the MDF can be utilized in the production for table tops, door panels and pieces such as a drawer front with its sides chamfered or with a profile surface. The MDF with its perfectly smooth and homogenous surface forms the best base either for painting or coating by a decotative finish folio or veneer or melamined paper or HPL .
Its equal thickness tolerance and availability for machine process and its soundness provide an opportunity of utilization as an alternative for massive timber for the applications such as drawer sides, mirror frames and a rabbet of a window edge.