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About Yıldız Mdf

Our Company, YILDIZ MDF, which began its investments in Kocaeli in 1995 has been producing MDF, MELAMINED MDF and ELECTRICITY POWER since year 1998.
In a short space of time, it has taken its place among the first 500 great industrial corporations in year 2000-2001 according to ISO Statistics.
Following this process, investments necessary for the next phase of the main product, the production of value added products has begun in the second half of year 2002. As a result of these investments, the production of Laminate flooring has begun under a sole authorisation licence agreement. Our company that has begun profile production beside the production of laminate flooring has synchronically commissioned the glue and impregnating units for such productions.

Our company, the pioneer of technology and innovation in its sector since the day it began production continues in same pace both with its investments and with its research and development activities thereby providing you with the quality that you deserve and contributing the economy of the country.